Concrete-Specific Plywood

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Product Description

Concrete-specific plywood is a type of plywood specifically designed for concrete formwork and molds, featuring unique characteristics to meet the requirements of concrete construction. Here are the main features of concrete-specific plywood:


Smooth Surface: Concrete-specific plywood typically has a smooth and even surface, aiding in achieving a uniform and consistent surface finish for concrete.


High Strength: To withstand the weight and pouring pressure of concrete, concrete-specific plywood generally possesses high strength and compression resistance.


Dimensional Stability: Even in humid or moist conditions, concrete-specific plywood maintains relative dimensional stability, avoiding deformation during use.


Moisture and Waterproofing: Due to the involvement of cement slurry in concrete construction, concrete-specific plywood often has moisture and waterproofing characteristics to prevent water penetration and maintain its performance.


Ease of Disassembly: To facilitate the reuse of molds, concrete-specific plywood is designed to be easily disassembled, allowing for the easy removal of the plywood after the concrete has hardened.


Wear Resistance: In the process of concrete pouring and finishing, concrete-specific plywood needs to exhibit sufficient wear resistance to ensure a long service life.


Reusable: Concrete-specific plywood is often designed for multiple uses, enhancing cost-effectiveness and reducing material waste.


Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of concrete-specific plywood makes it easy to clean for subsequent use.


Environmental Friendly: To meet environmental standards, concrete-specific plywood typically uses eco-friendly adhesives and materials.


Customizable: Concrete-specific plywood can be customized based on specific requirements for concrete projects in terms of size and specifications.


These features make concrete-specific plywood a common and important material in concrete construction, providing effective formwork and mold solutions.


Note:Our primary focus is on the production of various specifications and types of plywood, including but not limited to standard plywood, multi-layer plywood, marine plywood, and packaging plywood. Our products find extensive applications in building structures, furniture manufacturing, packaging, and other fields. Special size and specification can be customized.

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