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Product Description

Film-faced plywood is a special type of plywood widely used in the construction and engineering fields, and it features the following characteristics:


Surface Coating: One of the characteristics of film-faced plywood is that its surface is covered with a layer of film, typically using high-density acrylic paint or phenolic resin film. This film covering provides robust protection, allowing the plywood to resist moisture, chemicals, and wear.


Durability: Due to the presence of the surface film, film-faced plywood is highly durable. This makes it popular for projects requiring repeated use and under harsh conditions, such as formwork, molds, and construction templates.


Water Resistance: Film-faced plywood typically has high water resistance, making it reliable for outdoor and humid environments. This is because the surface film prevents moisture from penetrating into the interior of the plywood.


Easy to Clean: Given the characteristics of the surface film, film-faced plywood is easy to clean. This is crucial for plywood used in dirty environments, such as construction sites, as it reduces cleaning and maintenance time and costs.


Versatility: Film-faced plywood is suitable for various purposes, including construction templates, molds, models, and some specialized furniture manufacturing. Its versatility makes it a crucial material in the construction and woodworking industries.


Smooth Surface: Film-faced plywood typically has a smooth surface, which is essential for construction and manufacturing tasks requiring a level surface. It provides a suitable working surface for construction operations.


Multi-purpose: Film-faced plywood is applicable for different uses, and it is commonly used as formwork, molds, and templates in construction projects. Its multi-purpose nature makes it a vital material in both construction and woodworking.


In summary, film-faced plywood is highly favored for its durability, water resistance, and versatility, especially in situations where reliable construction materials are needed to withstand challenging conditions.


Note:Our primary focus is on the production of various specifications and types of plywood, including but not limited to standard plywood, multi-layer plywood, marine plywood, and packaging plywood. Our products find extensive applications in building structures, furniture manufacturing, packaging, and other fields. Special size and specification can be customized.

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