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Melamine board, also known as mosaic board or inlay board, is a decorative panel commonly used in furniture manufacturing. Here are some key characteristics of melamine board:


Hard Surface: The surface of melamine board is extremely hard, providing strong resistance to wear and tear. This enables it to withstand friction and scratches in daily use, maintaining an attractive appearance for an extended period.


Corrosion Resistance: Due to its surface covered with melamine resin, this type of board exhibits excellent resistance to certain chemicals and corrosive substances. This enhances its durability in furniture manufacturing.


Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of melamine board is not prone to dust accumulation, making it easy to clean. Regular cleaning with common cleansers or a damp cloth is usually sufficient.


Rich Colors: Melamine board offers a wide range of color and texture choices, capable of mimicking various wood types and textures. This flexibility is advantageous in furniture design.


Heat Resistance: Melamine board possesses a degree of heat resistance, making it less susceptible to damage from hot items, such as hot tableware.


Economical: Compared to some solid wood furniture, melamine board has lower production costs, making it widely used in furniture manufacturing, particularly in cases where mass production and cost-effectiveness are priorities.


Environmentally Friendly: The glues and resins used in the production of melamine board are typically environmentally friendly. Additionally, the board's surface itself is less prone to emitting harmful substances. However, it is advisable to choose products that meet environmental standards.


Note:Our primary focus is on the production of various specifications and types of plywood, including but not limited to standard plywood, multi-layer plywood, marine plywood, and packaging plywood. Our products find extensive applications in building structures, furniture manufacturing, packaging, and other fields. Special size and specification can be customized.

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