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Packaging board is a type of board specifically designed for packaging and transportation, possessing specific characteristics that make it suitable for protecting and supporting various goods. Here are some key features of packaging board:


Strength and Stability: Packaging board typically has sufficient strength and stability to support and protect packaged items, preventing damage during transportation.


Lightweight: Despite having ample strength, packaging board is generally lightweight, contributing to the reduction of overall packaging weight and lowering transportation costs.


Economical Practicality: Packaging board is often designed with economic practicality in mind to ensure cost-effective packaging and transportation.


Ease of Processing: Packaging board is easy to cut, stack, and process to accommodate different sizes and shapes of packaging requirements.


Environmental Friendliness: Modern packaging boards often use environmentally friendly materials to align with sustainability and environmental standards. Additionally, some packaging boards are recyclable.


Moisture and Waterproofing: To protect packaged goods, packaging board often features moisture and waterproofing characteristics to prevent damage in humid environments.


Resistance to Compression: Packaging board is designed to withstand vertical pressure, ensuring that it does not deform under excessive force during packaging and stacking.


Customizability: Packaging board can be customized based on specific packaging needs to ensure optimal adaptability and protective effects.


Hygiene Standards: For certain applications such as food and pharmaceuticals, packaging boards may need to meet hygiene standards to ensure that packaged items remain uncontaminated.


Easy Marking: The surface of packaging board is typically easy to mark, facilitating tracking and management during transportation and storage.


Note:Our primary focus is on the production of various specifications and types of plywood, including but not limited to standard plywood, multi-layer plywood, marine plywood, and packaging plywood. Our products find extensive applications in building structures, furniture manufacturing, packaging, and other fields. Special size and specification can be customized.

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